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Konzertmeile – Platzconcert – places

During the 3 days of the Festival in September the City of Bad Orb likes to be a vast Concerthall. At multiple places of the city, so called "Konzertmeile" musical performances of the orchestras will happen, regaling the audience with musical delights.


The lovely spring, which represents the medical symbol of the snake is the initial point of the Konzertmeile. The orchestras performing between VR-bank and the stylized round-bow of the  former Untertor (citygate).


Unter der Linde:

At Freihof, inmidst the very old part of Orb, you'll find the idyllic place. It invites for a rest and a gossip under the lime-tree.



Under the maypole (Maibaum) is a fantastic place to perform with a lovely sight to the St. Martins church and the former hotel "White horse" -  „Weisses Ross“.


The orchestras will gather around the Jubilee Spring, which has been built by the town in 1987 on the occasion of celebrating the 150th anniversary of the foundation as a spa. From this place the sounds of the music will spreading out over the town.



To the right as to the left two springs furnished with wooden benches invite to a stay.

Festzelt am Alten Rathaus:

In the Festivals Tent one orchestra will follow the other. Staffed with the flags of all nations - here music is TRUMBS.

Am Gradierwerk:

The orchestras performing infront of an important and very popular Bad Orb landmark, the SALINA. Here the musicians will have no problems taking breath because of the humid  salty air coming out from the former saltworks building. A reminder to maritime climate.

Konzerthalle / Musikpavillon:

Inmidst of the spa garden, which had been constructed in the style of an english countryside garden, you will find the Concerthall and the Musicpavillon. Besides the music, auditors at the pavillon will enjoy the green of the garden, in the concerthall you will experience the music in all abundance.